Sonntag, 30. November 2014


Here are some letter studies I had to do for university a long time ago. I totally forgot to put them here so I do it now.

So much typography here. Well however, this was a fun thing to do but also a bit exhausting when all you do is trying to create something like this. I really learned how letters work although they haunted me in my dreams a few days after that. It's okay, I like typography now, more than before and I think studies like these are an important thing to do if you want to understand fonts. I really feel you, Bodoni.

Sonntag, 2. November 2014

Life Is Worth Living

This one is really important to me. In Ocotber I went to a very special conert and I'm still really excited that I had the chance to go there with two very good friends of mine. We saw the great Maximo Park playing live and it was overwhelming. I've been a fan of them for so long but everytime they were playing somewhere I couldn't go. But finally it worked out and I was there.This band is really important to me and it meant a lot seeing them live and listening to all the songs I heard in so many different stages of my life, also sharing that moment with two lovely persons.

I was so glad, I really had the urge to draw a comic thing about everything that happened, even if this is kind of silly. So here it is. Please click to enlarge and to make sure you'll see everything of it. I'm sorry it became so long, I had to split it into two pieces:

And now that you just found out that I'm crazy, here is a poster I made before the concert, just because I wanted to make one:

Oh and I made photos. I think I can put them right here, now that I'm totally fan-girlying around:

Drawings again

I was a little bit arty again and here is what I produced:

 Even Miley Cyrus is here and to be honest - I don't know why I had to draw this. I was listening to "We Can't Stop"  and suddenly had the urge to do this:

Some more comics

Here are some more comics I made during October. Please click to enlarge:


It seems like I travelled a lot this year, more than usual. One city we saw was Paris and let me say it was awesome! Better than I even imagined and, even if this might sound a bit cheesy, super romantic. We saw pretty much as you can tell from the photos below.

What I really liked about the city was the great architecture. Everything there looked beautiful. You have old buildings but it's fascinating how you can feel the modern flair everywhere.