Donnerstag, 30. August 2012

Sculptures everywhere

I'm late with this but I just want to share this. What you can see above are the results of a few people (including me) that worked hard on a female body. The task was to form the body of our model out of clay and I can tell you it wasn't easy work. But we did it, nobody failed and we are all still alive!
And now take a closer look at my lovely (ahem...) sculpture.

What a sexy lady. By the way, the torso is almost as tall as my upper part of my body including my head. I still wonder how I managed to create it without a huge amount of mental breakdowns. But all in all I have to admit that it was fun.

Sure thing the lady here will get burned in an oven because she isn't finished yet. We caved the sculpture for this process as you can see below and hell yeah, it looks damn brutal!

After we did this awful thing we put her back together and now she's ready for the final process.

After this experience I bow to Miss Camille Claudel even more. You don't know her? Check her out
She's amazing!

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