Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

Leipzig Book Fair

Again, this is late but here are some impressions from the Leipzig Book Fair this March. We were there with our university booth that we designed with our own hands and hearts. Many got hurt, many tears flowed but in the end we totally rocked it. And this is how the preparation looked like:




Our booth was made out of foldable paper that we folded with our own hands, a ruler and a knife. And this was just one od many things that we had to do to make the booth finally look like this:

or this:

 or this:

But as I said- we totally rocked it.

Oh yeah, I found my own little paradise in the comics section. Originally I wanted to buy everything there and never leave again, but I had to catch my train so I only had limited time and thanks to my half-empty wallet I could only afford these two wonderful beauties:

All in all it was amazing and if I find the time (and the money) I'll go there again next year- but then not as an exhibitor but as a visitor (except I have something new to be published wuhaha).

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